Volvo Trucks issues recall

Monday, November 28, 2016

Volvo Trucks Australia is conducting a precautionary recall of some current model FH trucks built between 26 November 2012 and 12 September 2016.

This recall is a result of Volvo Trucks’ internal quality and safety processes, which identified a possible fault with the cab interior lamps. In some rare cases, moisture and dust between the electrical guide ways on the lamp printed circuit board (PCB), could lead to a ‘soft’ short circuit, otherwise known as a current leak. In some cases, the fuses intended to protect the cab interior electrical system may not detect a ‘soft’ short circuit, which is why Volvo Trucks has made the decision to recall all trucks with this particular cab interior lamp.

While there have been no local incidents reported a result of this fault, and chance of an incident occurring is very small, with safety as a core value Volvo Trucks Australia made the decision to recall these trucks as a precautionary measure.

Volvo Trucks Australia has already started contacting all affected customers in writing, in accordance with its commitment to safety and legal obligations.

Work to rectify the affected vehicles has already commenced, and customers are encouraged to contact their local dealer or authorised workshop to arrange a time for their vehicle to be inspected and rectified, free of charge, at their convenience.