Monday, September 17, 2018

Just the Guy for it

By the late 1920s the Post & Telegraph fleet had expanded rapidly to some 580 vehicles, 430 of which were trucks and vans, the rest cars and motorcycles. The need to use trucks to support the growing telegraph and telephone network was well established by this time. Photographs of the period show telegraph poles supporting numerous copper telegraph wires.

Showing evidence of a few dings, this 30 CWT Guy entered service in Auckland in April 1930. Fitted with a 20hp 4-cylinder engine the cab is typical of the locally produced ones of the time. Fuel to the engine would have been supplied by gravity from the fuel tank below the front window. The design of the wheels is interesting and appears to be a mix of disc and demountable rims. The effectiveness of the headlights is questionable, given where they are mounted. Likewise the effectiveness of the ‘doors’.