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We are equipped to service all types of vehicles/fleets and are able to stock an extensive range of tyres including leading brands Michelin, Michelin Retreads, BF Goodrich, Double Coin & Power Retreads. P: 09 430 0104 M: 021 575 049
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Bryan, owner of Real Deal Tyre Advantage in Whangarei believes that the need to have Truck and/or trailers wheel aligned cannot be overstated.

He says that they knew that there would be a demand for a really high spec truck wheel aligner in Whangarei so he and Carolyn decided to set up the new commercial store on site at 11 Union East Street.

Even they didn’t fully appreciate the overwhelming cost benefits it actually brings to their customers. The benefits include fuel costs, higher kilometre rates from tyres, it gives the trucks greater handling ability, even wear patterns and one of the most important benefits is improved safety on the road.

P: 09 430 0104 M: 021 575 049

A: 11 Union East Street, Whangarei


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