Raised profile for Mitsubishi forklift trucks

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Centra Forklifts Auckland team with part of the new fleet heading into the building supply marketplace following a successful tender process. 

A significant sale recently completed by Centra Forklifts for 25 new Mitsubishi forklift trucks into a major nationwide trade and retail building construction supply chain will have a substantial impact on reducing loading and unloading times for many transport operators.

Centra Forklifts general manager marketing and sales Chris Green said the team’s focus and commitment, alongside the long-term relationship with Mitsubishi as the exclusive New Zealand distributor, netted the desired result.

The client had developed a strong history with Mitsubishi’s forklift truck product, however Green said the RFP was weighted towards affordability and whole of life cost, areas where Centra excel. Green said Centra Forklifts was competitive on pricing, but by no means the cheapest.

“Mitsubishi is middle of the market in terms of pricing, but it provides great value, and that’s what got us over the line in the end, the added value offering.”

A directive of this particular fleet upgrade was to find an option that provided reduced fuel flow and emissions, as well as strength and reliability, two sets of values the Mitsubishi GRENDiA range of forklifts was conceptually designed and built around. Green said the name GRENDiA is a contraction of ‘green diamond’, and Mitsubishi looked to this for their guiding principles. The green colour depicts environmental protection, and the diamond structure portrays strength, reliability and sound investment. These elements have been realised, with the GRENDiA range offering some of the industry’s lowest fuel flow rates while maintaining power and performance, alongside extremely low NOx and particulate levels.

The new fleet consists of 12 5-ton machines, 12 3.5-ton machines, and one 2.5-ton electric multi-way reach truck that is the first Mitsubishi of its kind commissioned in New Zealand. The multi-way reach truck was prescribed for one particular application for which it is ideally suited, with its ability to turn its load wheels through 360˚ in either direction, allowing it to crab.

“This is a product line we see fitting many applications within the tight operational confines of the warehousing sector,” said Green.

The contract required a close collaboration of resources and closely listening to the client’s detailed requirements to achieve a successful end result. Green said this sale represented a significant lift to the brand’s presence within the New Zealand marketplace.