PRODUCT UPDATE - Customer Portal makes online booking simple

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Life is set to get even easier for MyTrucking users and their customers, with the release of the new Customer Portal.

An online booking system, the portal enables your customers to submit job requests to you – any time, anywhere – making it even easier for people to do business with you. The latest add-on creates even greater efficiencies, saving time and money, further reducing mistakes and freeing you up to get on with what you do best – transporting. Innovative transport management system company MyTrucking is the brainchild of Wairarapa couple Sam and Sara Orsborn. The software has brought a new level of simplicity, automation and mobility to an increasing number of small to medium-sized trucking businesses throughout Australasia.

MyTrucking is a simple and practical transport management programme that vastly improves the old-fashioned diary system by moving it online. Now, the new Customer Portal brings a whole new level of efficiency to businesses. The MyTrucking user is still in complete control, and chooses who has access to the customer portal. In true MyTrucking style the portal is quite simple. When customers submit a job request you receive a notification, and you can then choose to review, accept or decline jobs – all without leaving MyTrucking.

Once a job is accepted it will simply appear in your day sheet just like any other job, waiting to be assigned a vehicle. Key benefits include having customers enter jobs for you – saving time on data entry; mistakes are reduced; there’s no double handling; and you’ll never miss or lose a job request. This enables you to better support your customers, offering a whole new level of service and making it even easier for them to do business with you. No need to pick up the phone, customers can submit jobs when it suits them and you can easily give them real-time updates on their jobs. The portal also makes it a breeze to share proof of delivery and dockets. Pana Sharma, of Auckland-based VT Transport Ltd, says the Customer Portal has been a welcome addition. “The next step all our customers were screaming for was the Customer Portal, which MyTrucking has delivered. It looks really good. I’ve got my two main customers on it, and they are loving it.

“Having photos and signed copies of POD available straight away after a job is done is fantastic. I also like the idea of being able to choose what you want the customer to see in the portal.” There’s no additional charge for Customer Portal, it’s an added benefit for valued MyTrucking customers. “The portal empowers your customers, while you still maintain control over your workflow. It will help you to retain existing customers, delivering excellent service, while enabling you to attract new customers and grow your business,” says Gabor Szikszai, general manager MyTrucking. “The Customer Portal is up and running now; just another way MyTrucking can smooth the road to better business, creating efficiencies and saving you time and money. It’s a winwin for MyTrucking customers, and those they do business with.”