Wednesday, April 21, 2021

PAPANUI HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR STUDENTS attended the Road Safety Truck recently. Year 10 and 11 visited the truck througout the day. Jess Johns from Pacific Fuel Haulage and Leghton Hill from Penske came along to help the team out for the day. Having the two extra trucks along meant the team could spend more time in the truck cab with the senior students. Not only did the students learn some valuable tips on how to share the road safely with big trucks but they also leant about careers.

Jess showed the students how to handle the hoses from the tanker and encouraged them to have a go. Some cheaky questions kept the team on their toes for the day. It made the team realise the need for more engaging career inspiration programs, largely to suit this audience, as it was obvious these senior students knew very little about the opportunities in the transport industry.
Some students offered to help set up the Road Safety Truck’s instagram page, which the older people in the team found very handy, so everyone learnt something new. The other great thing about this age group is they love to share photos, so that spreads the information out to a much wider audience.

As an industry we must do more of this engagement to inspire the younger people and encourage them to think about trucking as a top career choice, not a last resort.

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