Tuesday, May 18, 2021

It has been over 3 years since first visiting Clearview School in Rolleston just south of Christchurch. Our first visit was in 2016 when we kicked off the Share the Road with Big Trucks Program using Gazebos and pull up banners. This time around we rolled up with the awesome MAN truck and Toll classroom trailer. TR Group, Penske, Sicon and Pacific Fuel Haulage all brought trucks along for the 2 days. Over 700 students, teachers and caregivers attended the programs. All students could experience the blind zones for themselves by sitting in the cabs of the trucks. Sicon, the local contracting company, have a strong community presence and are involved with repairing the road network when a crash happens. They enjoyed coming along to engage with the students and share road safety tips. Brian and Pete from TR Group attended, they showed the students the blind zones around the truck. Jess from Pacific Fuel managed to get some conversations going around careers to some of the senior students. Its always a surprise for students to find out that Jess actually drives the Fuel Truck as her job. An exhausting two days for the team but very rewarding. A hands on real life experience for the students that you just can’t beat!

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