Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Just Truckin' Ian Ranger

Putting his feet up for half an hour in Maheno, south of Oamaru, was Ian Ranger. Ian was resting in the sun when Craig Andrews pulled up for a quick yarn. Ian drives a 2009 Mitsubishi Shogun that was treated to a full rebuild 40,000km ago after having put 1.4 million kilometres under its tyres.

Ian’s been driving for around eight years with Carr & Haslam Ltd and the work sees him regularly carrying high-end cars throughout the South Island. The load of Mercs he had on was on its way to Nelson. Ian has always driven for Carr & Haslam, starting out on a Mitsi Canter doing around town work in Wellington. Prior to that he had worked for the New Zealand Railways in one form or another, and was always confined to the office.

He enjoys the work he does now more as there is plenty of variety and he gets to see our wonderful countryside. He doesn’t have much to complain about regarding the industry. Wages have recently gone up and he feels the culture in the industry is on the up.

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