Just Truckin' Around - Wayne Duff

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wayne Duff running a Detroit with an 18-speed Eaton.

A driver for Pacific Fuel Haul, Wayne was returning to Wellington after a trip to Palmerston North.

Wayne first began driving farm vehicles around Ruatoria on the East Coast, and says he had been driving trucks since he was 15, making it 28 years now.

“I love the open road and what the country has to offer. I get paid to see the beautiful countryside.

“I’ve been in the freight side for most of my career and on fuel haul for about six years, five with Mobil. I also had six years with Fonterra and drove wine tankers.” Wayne says the continued driver shortage is the main issue the industry is facing right now.

The vexing question of league or union made Wayne think for a bit before finally going for league. 

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