Just Truckin' Around - Steve Fee

Monday, January 7, 2019

Steve Fee was taking a break in Shannon on his way back to Palmerston North when Faye Lougher spotted his bright yellow truck. Transporting dry cement powder for Golden Bay Cement, Steve drove a 2018 DAF CF 85 with an auto gearbox. Steve has been driving trucks for 20 years, starting with Road Freighters in Palmerston North and then Holcim. He also went to Australia, driving for Boral Cement out of Brisbane. “I came back to Tauranga and drove for Dibble, also transporting cement, then moved back to Foxton and I’ve been working for Golden Bay Cement since February 2018.”

Although he had come from Wellington that afternoon, Steve covers anywhere between Auckland, Wellington and Hawke’s Bay. “I just love being out on the road and driving up and down the country.” Like many other professional drivers, Steve says he does get “a bit annoyed” with car drivers who have no patience and don’t take enough care when driving near trucks. He got the cauliflower or Brussels sprouts question and unhesitatingly went for cauliflower. “With cheese!”

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