Just Truckin' Around - Ross MacMillan

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Faye Lougher had stopped to grab some lunch when she noticed a truck with a crane on the back lifting something a little unusual. Ross MacMillan was the driver of the 2007 700 Series Hino with an 18-speed Roadranger that was parked on the Railway Land Reserve in Palmerston North. The truck was fitted with a Palfinger 60002 crane on the back and Ross was loading an old plane that had been part of a Halloween event.

“The plane was part of the haunted maze and had a mannequin in it,” he said. Ross has been driving trucks for about 10 years and has been working for Lift Haulage ever since it was established three years ago.
“I used to drive stock trucks before that, but this has better hours,” Ross laughed. “Tradesmen’s hours!” Ross said he loved the variety of lifting work the job provided – earlier in the day he had been moving house trusses, now a plane. As for the biggest issue within the transport industry, Ross said it would have to be continually rising costs. “Fuel prices and the rising cost of it all, even if it doesn’t affect me personally. It should also mean the rates go up too if the work is going to carry on.”
When given the choice of a pie or quiche, Ross said he’d definitely go for a pie. “Classic steak and cheese!”

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