Just Truckin' Around - Mark Hocking

Monday, January 7, 2019

Cruising towards McLaren Falls, Rochelle Thomas saw the Kenworth parked up on the Lower Kaimais. Seizing the opportunity, she pulled over. Driving a 2018 T610 sporting the X15 Cummins and an 18-speed manual Roadranger, Mark Hocking was having a quick lunch break on his second round carting containers between the Port of Tauranga and the Fonterra Co-op Group’s Waitoa facility. Mark drives for Tranzliquid Limited in the Bay of Plenty and mostly does container and bulk fuel distribution. His father was also a truck driver and Mark used to enjoy going for rides and learning to drive from about the age of 10.

When asked his thoughts on the main problem with the industry Mark replied: “health and safety, they have made it hard to encourage the young ones into the industry as they are unable to tag along” as he did back in the day and learn or see what it’s all about. “Trucks are the best thing about driving!” he says. “Making them bling!” He also loves the scenery and just cruising the countryside. When asked the vexing question, steak and cheese or bacon and egg pie, Mark laughed. “Steak and cheese, because real truckers eat steak!”

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