Just Truckin’ Around – Kieran Craig

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Kieran Craig from Edendale’s Herberts Transport was getting prepared to cart another load of whey to various places around Southland when Craig Andrews nabbed him for a quick chat. He pilots a 2018 Kenworth K200 with about 184,000km on the clock. Kieran likes his trucks and wanted to drive, so obtained his licences through the Southland Institute of Technology before heading to Cromwell where he worked for Best Removals driving a Hino. It was then on to Herberts.

He only had his class 2 but gained his class 4 and 5 once he got up to speed with the team at Edendale. Like a lot of people who drive for a transport company that supplies the rural sector, he too enjoys the variety and the scenery that this country has to offer. When the Kenworth hasn’t got the tanks on, it is mainly on livestock work and Kieran can pretty much turn his hand to any work within Herberts. Kieran is relatively new to the industry with only three years under his belt, but the upside of that is there’s nothing he currently dislikes about the work or the industry.

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