GOOD ON YA MATE! Sensational Harry Semenoff

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Harry Semenoff parked Heyden Baker’s brand new truck
up until he was finished his cancer treatment and back at work.

This is just an amazing story. In early March Heyden Baker was due to take the wheel of a brand new 8x4 International 9870 high roof sleeper cab for SEMCO Group Ltd, the company he drives for in Whangarei.

A brand new truck, it was a proud moment in his career. Days before climbing aboard Heyden was diagnosed with cancer, and required an aggressive course of chemotherapy to start immediately that would have him off work for three months.

“Harry, my boss, just left it in the shed for the first day I came back. It was a real awesome treat and something positive for me to focus on during the treatment,” said Heyden.

That is truly worthy of the good on ya mate award for the month Harry. Outstanding gesture.

Get checked!

Heyden saw our ‘Get Checked’ campaign in the August issue and has asked we reaffirm the message to all drivers to get a regular check.