Good on ya mate! - Mike Tombleson

Friday, March 16, 2018

Mike Tombleson is doing the job the way it should be done...and it has
been recognised by a member of the public. Good on ya mate.

Chrissy from Gisborne sent us an email a while back about a TD Haulage truck that travels back and forth past her place on its routine run between Gisborne and Napier. She was taken with the presentation and image the truck portrayed, and had great things to say about the driver’s manners and professionalism on the road. She was so taken with the man and his machine she’s going to dedicate her next wood carving to them.

A quick call to Butch and the team at TD Haulage revealed the outstanding ambassador for both company and industry was Mike Tombleson.

It’s the old chestnut that we’re an industry constantly in the public eye and it’s so great for us all when someone puts our best foot forward. Well done Mike. A very deserved winner of this month’s Good on ya mate!

Know a truckie who’s done a good deed, helped a mate in need, or represented the industry in a way that does us all proud? It could be anything from helping you cover a load to doing a great community deed. Send details in to New Zealand Trucking magazine with a photo of your nominee if you can get one, and we’ll see what we can do.