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We have tyres to suit all New Zealand road conditions from highway to forestry, whether your truck, trailer or bus is set for open road conditions or logging in our remote forestry, we will ensure you have the correct tyre to get the job done. We understand how important it is to have a dependable, and consistently well made tyre you can rely on, no matter the terrain you are faced with.
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We want to be sure your tyres in your fleet are well maintained, whether you are using new tyres or retreads. We carry out regular inspections of your tyre conditions, pressures, treads depths and repairing any punctures or damage to help eliminate the risk of it affecting you during your hours of operation.

Managing your tyre rotations and retreads will ensure you are getting the most from your tyres, with our aim to help improve your vehicle safety and reduce your business costs by doing all we can to ensure your tyres are as cost efficient as possible for you and your business.

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