AUSSIE ANGLES - Rocklea Classi...

24 October 2019

Who would have known that the pearly gates to truckers’ heaven would be found at the Rocklea Showgrounds on a warm weekend in May?

TRUCKERS’ HEALTH - Alcohol and us

29 October 2019

To prevent or to penalise drinkdriving… The government, transport authorities and police have tried both strategies. Both work. Yet there will still be drivers who get behind the w...

HEALTH AND SAFETY - We all make mistakes

11 November 2019

We all make mistakes. They can be insignificant – leaving a form in the van so the job can’t be invoiced quickly, or huge – running over a person with the forklift.

TECH TOPICS - Tap to go

29 October 2019

One electrical system with two voltages is not uncommon. To make it all work the vehicle needs a series-parallel switch between them. But the truck will go nowhere if the switch can’t, well, switch.


11 November 2019

When it comes to hiring a service provider, I always do two things: I check their track record and check their certifications and accreditations.


24 October 2019

Forget the fanfare and fireworks of new models or overhyped option-package specials. Behind all the pizazz, the steady performers just keep on trucking, and Mazda’s BT-50 is one of them.

LEGAL LINES - Vicarious liabil...

11 November 2019

I have been asked by a reader to discuss the relationship between the chain of responsibility provisions in the Land Transport Act 1998 and the obligations on employers in the Heath and Safety at Work Act 2015.

TECH TOPICS - Take a seat, but...

29 October 2019

Not that long ago, little thought was given to designing a truck seat. These were often put together to suit the stature of drivers in the truck’s country of origin. If you were lu...

The top of the mountain

23 October 2019

Last month we discussed why the Freightliner world down under changed and what living in the DTNA teepee will mean. This month we look more at what’s coming.


29 October 2019

The whole debate around the New Zealand fuel market gets even more complicated if you take a step back and consider what the government’s overall strategy is.