TRUCKERS’ HEALTH - Eight weeks...

10 September 2020

Maurice was about to embark on an 8-week health and fitness challenge run by yours truly. However, due to the sly dog Covid-19 and seven weeks enforced lockdown, it has now taken f...

LEGAL LINES - Detecting phishing scams

10 September 2020

I was wading through my email inbox last month when I saw an email with the subject line ‘Your vehicle’s licence (rego) expires soon’. At first glance it appeared to be from the NZ...

PRODUCT UPDATE - Customer Port...

10 September 2020

Life is set to get even easier for MyTrucking users and their customers, with the release of the new Customer Portal.


26 August 2020

This article shares information on the use of the 6x2 rigid truck configuration overseas. The 6x2 offers a potential way of reducing costs and improving efficiency over the 6x4, al...


26 August 2020

With a much clearer idea of the economic devastation left by Covid- 19, the decimation of our tourism industry and those offsets, I just cannot see how the RUC increase can be justified.

THE LAST MILE - Plato was onto something

20 August 2020

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something”


18 August 2020

So, how long before things settle down and we see the ‘new normal’, whatever that may be?

Health and safety – still important!

10 August 2020

There is a lot of uncertainty in New Zealand and the world about our economic situation, post-Covid-19.


10 August 2020

Readers of a certain age will share fond memories of the Fun Ho! range of cast models. Locally produced and hugely popular for decades, we revisit some of the company’s ‘kings of the sandpit’.

LEGAL LINES - Employee or contractor?

05 August 2020

A recent Employment Court ruling that a courier driver has been declared an employee is likely to have huge ramifications across the entire industry.