22 October 2020

This month we’re looking at a South Canterbury company that was one of the pioneers of long-distance stock cartage. Following this story, in the next month or two, we’ll chase it with a modern fleet and compare notes.


13 October 2020

You’ve seen the ITOY brand appear in the pages of New Zealand Trucking over the past year and a bit, but what exactly is the International Truck of the Year and what does it mean for you, as a reader?

Karin Rådström takes over mana...

23 October 2020

Karin Rådström will start her appointment as member of the board of management, Daimler Truck AG, responsible for Mercedes-Benz Trucks, on 1 February 2021. Rådström most recently h...

Iveco launches Iveco Live Channel

23 October 2020

Iveco has launched its new broadcast platform – a first in the industry – dedicated to the brand’s community and the world of transport. Iveco Live Channel (https://ivecolivechanne...

An election like no other

23 October 2020

Like the year 2020 generally, it felt like New Zealanders just wanted the election to be over and done with. That probably goes for the politicians too!

Lowes Industries moves to new ...

23 October 2020

For more than 55 years, Lowes Industries in Christchurch has built its reputation as a leading DG tanker manufacturer in New Zealand. Focusing on innovative design and an extremely...


13 October 2020

On 31 October 2019, Booth’s Transport Ltd took ownership of Tomoana Warehousing Ltd in a move that had the New Zealand transport and logistics industry talking. Coming up to a year...

All-new Isuzu D-Max in New Zealand

21 October 2020

The all-new Isuzu D-Max has been redesigned and modernised from the ground up – with a new standard of premium features, blended with a suite of technological advancements and shar...

EROAD launches EROAD Clarity Dashcam

21 October 2020

Transport technology company EROAD has launched the EROAD Clarity Dashcam to enable fleet owners to provide better driver coaching as well as fact determination for accidents involving commercial vehicles.

Have your say on current speed...

21 October 2020

The NZ Transport Agency is encouraging people to have their say on safer speed limits for State Highway 2 between Masterton and Featherston.