Road builders in la-la land

06 September 2019

I am once again disappointed – and dismayed – to find Wellington policy makers driving ahead with significant changes to critical infrastructure without fully understanding user needs.

Public invited to share their ...

06 September 2019

In an effort to save lives and reduce serious injuries, the NZ Transport Agency is reviewing speed limits on State Highway 1 between Taupo Airport and Motuoapa.

Vehicles to fail WoF inspectio...

04 September 2019

The NZ Transport Agency is taking further action to address the safety risks posed by potentially faulty Takata Alpha airbags.

CNH Industrial to lead Nikola’...

04 September 2019

CNH Industrial N.V. has announced its intention to enter into a strategic and exclusive heavy-duty truck partnership with Nikola Corporation to accelerate industry transformation t...

Porters Pass, SH73, highway up...

03 September 2019

A key alpine route between Canterbury and the West Coast, State Highway 73, will be a slower journey than usual for several weeks as the guardrail is replaced and the highway cleared of rockfall.

New vehicle market down 5% year to date

03 September 2019

For the fourth month in a row, fewer new vehicles were sold in August compared with the same month last year, confirming that the overall market for the year will be down on 2018.

Consultation on proposed highw...

03 September 2019

The NZ Transport Agency is currently identifying highways where lower speed limits could help save lives and reduce serious crashes and where communities want change.

Hydrogen plan points way to re...

02 September 2019

The government is charting the way towards a more renewable energy system with the launch of a national vision for hydrogen.