Just Truckin' Around - Samuel Seymour

17 October 2019

Samuel Seymour had stopped for a coffee at Longburn when Faye Lougher stopped to snap a photo. Based in Palmerston North, he had come off the ferry that morning in Wellington after...

‘QUADDIE’ a winning bet

24 October 2019

Working outside of VDAM can be risky; however safe bets can be achieved with research, collaboration, and cooperation.


24 October 2019

Forget the fanfare and fireworks of new models or overhyped option-package specials. Behind all the pizazz, the steady performers just keep on trucking, and Mazda’s BT-50 is one of them.

BUSINESS PROFILE - You want it...

23 October 2019

Wheely Straight Limited is a heavy transport mobile wheel alignment and balancing business owned and operated by Zane Polkinghorne, who has more than 15 years experience in the industry.

MAIN TEST - Yesterday’s beauty

23 October 2019

At face value it’s a K200 Kenworth with an uber cool retro grille, and although there’s more to the machine in terms of specs and tweaks, are its staggering looks conveying a far deeper message?

TECH TOPICS - Take a seat, but...

29 October 2019

Not that long ago, little thought was given to designing a truck seat. These were often put together to suit the stature of drivers in the truck’s country of origin. If you were lu...

The top of the mountain

23 October 2019

Last month we discussed why the Freightliner world down under changed and what living in the DTNA teepee will mean. This month we look more at what’s coming.


17 October 2019

While visiting the Brisbane area recently, Carl Kirkbeck met with Troy Rhodes fuelling up at the BP Truck Stop at Rocklea. A career truckie who has been driving in the industry sin...


29 October 2019

The whole debate around the New Zealand fuel market gets even more complicated if you take a step back and consider what the government’s overall strategy is.

PRODUCT PROFILE - Gaining trac...

18 October 2019

A proud New Zealand company, Tidd Ross Todd (TRT) has evolved to be a full-service supplier to the local trucking industry. Now, one of its in-house developed products is going international.