Just Truckin' Around - Brent Ankins

21 February 2018

Faye Lougher only had to step outside for this Just Truckin’ Around as Brent Ankins was driving the tanker delivering water to her rural property.

Top Truck - Big South Island Swede

21 February 2018

Many vehicles have carried the Ernest Adams brand since its inception in the late 1920s, however there can be no disputing that Canterbury contractor Steve Richards’ Scania R620 would be one of the most spectacular.

Good on ya mate - Rima Matangi

21 February 2018

Our Good on Ya Mate recipient this month is Rima Matangi, who went out of his way to help after another truckie suddenly took ill and collapsed.


21 February 2018

The horse has bolted


21 February 2018

Isuzu’s philosophy might have been written from a Beatles lyric, for instead of infrequent but major model changes, it opts for continuous small improvements, with vehicles like th...

Hawkins River goes old school

20 February 2018

Dwayne Molloy has purchased a T2670 International to become part of his Hawkins River fleet...and wake up one or two of his neighbours from time to time!

Women in Transport - Margaret Ivory

21 February 2018

Was this New Zealand’s first woman in transport? Women may be a common sight in New Zealand’s transport industry today, but in the early 1900s they were a rarity, especially one li...

Kumeu Truck Show

20 February 2018

After a highly successful first show in 2016, expectations were high in November last year for round two. It’s fair to say we were not disappointed.

International Truck Stop - Now...

22 February 2018

Europe’s long-haul truck drivers deserve bigger bedrooms. But their living room remains firmly fixed due to EU length laws, despite past attempts by truck makers to offer longer cabs.

Person of Interest March Issue...

21 February 2018

Cummins New Zealand general manager Daniel Gallagher grew up in semi-rural Melbourne and says he had a connection with motorcycles, trucks and tractors from an early age.