Mack Trucks releases all-new M...

15 September 2017

Mack Trucks has introduced its new, next-generation highway hero in the US – the Mack Anthem, a truck designed to turn heads.

Ohmio Automotion to produce se...

15 September 2017

At its Christchurch launch, Ohmio Automotion announced plans to start production of self-driving vehicles – including freight pods – in New Zealand. The company showcased three shu...

Freightways announces appointm...

15 September 2017

Dean Bracewell has decided to step aside at the end of this year after a 34-year career with Freightways, 18 as managing director.

Heavy vehicle sales strong

15 September 2017

With August’s figures available, we have the registration numbers available for two-thirds of the year. The NZTA Registration Results (4501kg to MAX GVM) to the end of August inclu...


15 September 2017

Like his drivers, David Malanaphy has trucks in the blood...owning and running them that is.

Best job in the world

14 September 2017

“Dad I want to drive a truck, like you.” “Don’t be silly boy. You’re not going to drive a truck!” “Aww really? What would you rather do?” “ job in the world

Beyond the now

14 September 2017

Sell them something and you’ve won a sale. Support it and you’ve won a client. Do it a second and third time and you’ve started a relationship. Understand their business and you’ll establish a reputation.

Waikato Expressway bridges opening soon

14 September 2017

Two bridges crossing the Hamilton Section of the Waikato Expressway are expected to open to traffic before Christmas.

Variable speeds allow maximum ...

14 September 2017

Variable speed limits will be extended on sections of State Highways 16 and 20 around the Waterview Tunnel to allow maximum speeds of 100kph.

Classic & Vintage Show

13 September 2017

Hosted by the Model Barn, Vintage Barn, & The Thames Lion Club, this vintage & classic show is a casual get together for vintage exhibitors & enthusiasts alike to meet in the count...