Sunday, May 22, 2016

Spider has clocked up over 148,000 kilometres at the helm of the 2015 Aerodyne, floating around the countryside for NZL. This Aussie-assembled K200 has a 615hp 15-litre e5 Cummins and an 18-speed Roadie and tows a 23-metre Roadmaster B-train. It carts, in Spider’s words, “basically anything that fits on my flatdeck”.

Loaded for Whakamaru Dam, Spider enjoys getting paid to do his hobby. “You don’t have to pay to take a trip ‘cos you’re always on a trip.”

Having his HT (legally) for over 30 years, Spider’s first taste of driving was with his brother when they were aged 7 and 8, hanging off the steering wheel of the “Ole J1 Beddy milk truck, two feet on the clutch and brake while my brother steered and changed the cogs”.
Spider felt the lack of new drivers coming up through the ranks was a problem.

“In the industry there’s a lack of new blood sitting in the passenger’s seat and learning off us experienced drivers.” When asked his vexing question, rugby or soccer, Spider’s reply was, “It’s got to be rugby!”