Big Mack still 10 out of 10 down under

Friday, February 3, 2017

Ripples and rumours flooded the globe at the tail end of January as Volvo Group announced the US market would lose the MP10 and D16 engines, the Mack Titan would no longer be offered, and production of the heavy-duty Volvo VNX model would be put on hold.

Essentially for road transport operators this means you wouldn’t be able to buy an MP10 powered Super Liner in the US.

The obvious question being asked in the wake of the announcement was, ‘With ever-increasing talk on the next big target being the reduction of C02 emissions and the consequential impact that will have on high displacement diesel engines, is the United States just the first cab off the rank?’

Tom Chapman, communications manager, Volvo Group Australia, told New Zealand Trucking magazine the answer is an unequivocal ‘No’.

“It’s business as usual with the Mack MP10 and Volvo D16 here in Australia.”

“Both the Volvos and Macks with the big displacement engines are increasing market share significantly in Australasia. Our engines are built to meet the European emission standards and as such, are sourced from Sweden. The typical GCMs in the US means demand for heavier engines in heavier chassis is just not there. Come to our part of the world and it’s an entirely different story.”

Music to our ears.

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