Fuso has launched Daimler Trucks’ first series-produced e-Truck in Australia, the eCanter. With this rollout, the eCanter will soon be running in customer hands in a fourth major region, following Japan, Europe and USA.

Long-serving New Zealand Trucking magazine stalwart Trish Bexley has died after a battle with cancer.

Truck drivers see it all out on the road every day. They see things they can prevent with quick action, or help with if they get there on time, but they also arrive first at accident scenes that leaving scarring memories.

I’ve previously written about seeing problems as opportunities. Here are some more examples.


Okay, so we took a liberty with that acronym, PTEK actually stands for Petersen Technologies, but as far as we’re concerned, ‘If the cap fits…’. And boy oh boy, does it fit.

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RTF CEO Nick Leggett recently toured the new Transmission Gully motorway project…

If you were to complie an 'Icons of New Zealand Truck Photography' list, without a doubt Mike Beesley's name would appear somewhere at the top.

Since 2005, Patchell Stainless has built a reputation as a one-stop-shop for high quality, custom-built tankers. It’s the very reason why its customers keep coming back.

I believe New Zealand could lead the world by having the highest number of women drivers. But it means getting rid of the bias and outdated boys’ club mentality. Just because something has been done one way for 50 years does not mean it should continue.