Volvo Active Driver Assist (VADA) 2.0, a comprehensive collision mitigation system, will be made standard in the new Volvo VNR and VNL models, and available on VNX models, later this year. The system enhances the original VADA platform by integrating radar and camera capabilities to help drivers maintain a safe following distance through alerts and improved traffic awareness, as well as emergency braking to reduce the risk of collisions.

In preparation for the new Actros, Mercedes-Benz Trucks carried out final tests with customers, including forwarding agent Wagenstetter from Forsting in Upper Bavaria. Within the company, trucks with two drivers can sometimes cover more than 300,000 kilometres per annum, making them perfect for testing.

The NZ Transport Agency has ceased resurfacing works on the Mackays to Peka Peka (M2PP) Expressway during the winter season.

According to the US National Sleep Foundation, driving while sleep deprived has similar effects on your body as drinking alcohol. For instance, staying awake for 18 hours straight can make you drive as if you have a blood alcohol concentration of .05. In addition to this, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that 72,000 police-reported motor vehicle collisions on US roads in 2015 were related to drowsiness of drivers, causing 41,000 injuries and 800 deaths.


Having a short break in Omarama was Jeremy Hodson, aka ‘Sparrow’. Sparrow has been in the game since 2000 when he took up a position with Oldfields, driving a Hino tipper on roading work for eight years. After that it was to McAuley’s in Masterton where he’s been ever since.

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Geo M. Brewster & Son Inc. of Bogota, New Jersey, is a name closely connected with a number of last century’s large road building projects in the Eastern United States. The family firm was founded in 1894 by George M. Brewster from Alpine, New Jersey. When George died in 1930 his son, William J. Brewster, became the president of the company.

The Ford Louisville LTL 9000 boasted all the options of the traditional prestige offerings from Kenworth and Mack when released more than three decades ago. Making a legendary name for itself, the LTL 9000 still has many loyal fans today. This is the story of one such fan, and the restoration of a Louisville Legend.

Will Shiers visits Renault’s used trucks factory in France, and finds it was worth the arduous, less than sanitary journey to get there. Renault Trucks has found itself lumbered with a glut of fleet-spec secondhand Range T tractor units in Europe. In an attempt to improve their desirability, it’s hit upon a novel idea, and is transforming them into what it considers to be more desirable alternatives.

Until production ceased, Bedfords became the predominant truck in the Government fleet from the early 1950s. From the K, M and O models of the early 1950s, the Post Office operated most of the Bedford range at some stage, including some RLs. During the 1960s and 70s J models – JO to J5 – became the mainstay of the Post Office fleet, and in 1973 their numbers reached 1600.