Like the year 2020 generally, it felt like New Zealanders just wanted the election to be over and done with. That probably goes for the politicians too!

For more than 55 years, Lowes Industries in Christchurch has built its reputation as a leading DG tanker manufacturer in New Zealand. Focusing on innovative design and an extremely high quality build rather than purely the lowest price build, the company has been quietly growing.

The all-new Isuzu D-Max has been redesigned and modernised from the ground up – with a new standard of premium features, blended with a suite of technological advancements and sharp, yet bold aesthetics – and is now available from local dealerships.

Transport technology company EROAD has launched the EROAD Clarity Dashcam to enable fleet owners to provide better driver coaching as well as fact determination for accidents involving commercial vehicles.


On 31 October 2019, Booth’s Transport Ltd took ownership of Tomoana Warehousing Ltd in a move that had the New Zealand transport and logistics industry talking. Coming up to a year down the line, we sat with Booth’s Group executive director Trevor Booth to find out how things are getting on.

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New Zealand Trucking shows you how the economy is travelling via key metrics from the road transport industry. From time to time we’ll be asking experts their opinion on what the numbers mean.

During the pandemic and post-lockdown, the New Zealand Trucking Association has been commended by its members on the way it delivered information.