Isuzu Trucks has done it again, claiming the triple crown as number one supplier of new light, medium and heavy commercial trucks for 2019.

Last month, the United Kingdom became the 24th country to ratify the e-CMR protocol, the digital version of the United Nations Convention for the carriage of goods via road. Offering lower costs, faster administrative processes and greater transparency, e-CMR is an ideal solution to facilitating truck movements between the UK and the EU after Brexit.

Gull opened its first site in Wellington on 9 January, an unmanned station at 30-32 Waione Street in Petone.

The globally renowned Bullet Burnout Truck made an impressive comeback at the annual Summernats festival in Canberra recently, having been resurrected by Laurie Williams, owner of North Queensland Truck and Machinery Movements, and supported by Penske.


Last year Will Shiers went to New Mexico in search of the Convoy filming locations. In this two-part series, he now heads to Southern California to discover where Steven Spielberg’s Duel was shot.

Other Stories

ScreedPro’s new Scania NTG P380 is pumping more than just tiling screed to building and construction sites around the country. This unique custombuilt pump truck is eliminating deadly silica dust and greatly reducing production costs and time while enhancing safety in the workplace.

Do you really understand what running a trucking business involves? Trucking is a tough and competitive industry; margins can be slim.

‘Ignorantia juris non excusat’ – ignorance of the law excuses not – is a long established legal precedent. A story in the August edition of RTANZ News, ‘Transport operators to come under spotlight’, should serve as yet another warning that life in the future is not going to be easy.

I suggest most New Zealanders missed it, but back in August the chief coroner announced that 685 of us committed suicide in the year to June. That’s nearly two people every day of the year – 685 people who leave grieving families and friends behind; 685 people full of skill and talent that our country has lost.