A new coalition of forward-looking businesses and senior leaders will drive change across the bioeconomy value chain. BioAdvantage Europe aims to show a path to sustainable high-quality growth and decarbonisation of society.

NZ Trucking Media has partnered with the Road Transport Forum to produce this monthly industry update from RTF CEO Nick Leggett. Feedback and questions are encouraged and welcomed.

Hiringa Energy and TR Group have signed a memorandum of understanding to offer heavy fuel cell electric trucks, powered by Hiringa’s nationwide hydrogen refuelling network and TR’s heavy fleet lease, rental, and maintenance management expertise.

I fail to see why there is the perceived need to rush into moving Ports of Auckland, or the rush to pick a favourite to replace it.


Deciding to sell my campervan in 2015 was driven by a stark choice. Like so many people, I had long-dreamed of owning a mobile home, a dream that came true four years earlier when I bought a 2004 ex-Maui VW LT35 3-berth.

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New Zealand Trucking shows you how the economy is travelling via key metrics from the road transport industry. From time to time we’ll be asking experts their opinion on what the numbers mean.

New Zealand, along with the rest of the world, has been through a unique experience, one we hope never to repeat. The craziness of panic buying hand sanitiser, toilet paper and PPE looms large in our memories.

New Zealand has always depended on the trucking industry to deliver its essential supplies, food, medical supplies, hand sanitiser, beverages, household goods (including toilet paper)

Atmosphere, Biodiesel and Carbon - A geeky peek at issues around biodiesel for vehicles.