Just Truckin' Around - Fred McDaniel

21 June 2017

“Well where the hell are ya’ll gonna send that ‘&%$#@^&’ magazine to, ‘cause here’s my postal address right here! Interstate number 160147 and I’z could be anywhere!” said Fred...

Just Truckin' Around - Matt McLeod

21 June 2017

Busy on rural fuel deliveries near Middlemarch was Matt McLeod from Dunedin. Matt had just unloaded a consignment in Sutton when Craig Andrews caught up with him. Matt was driving...

Just Truckin' Around - Wayne Duff

25 May 2017

Wayne Duff running a Detroit with an 18-speed Eaton. A driver for Pacific Fuel Haul, Wayne was returning to Wellington after a trip to Palmerston North.

Trucking Event Photos

15 May 2017


Just Truckin' Around - Dean Lever

11 May 2017

Born and raised in Australia, Dean Lever tried hard not to follow in his Dad’s trucking footsteps and joined the Navy, but in 1989 he realised where his roots lay and spent the nex...

Women In Transport - Australas...

12 May 2017

Where you find your niche in transport can be as varied as the industry itself. Alice Mabin’s book The Drover, about Australia’s largest cattle drive, turned out to be such a succe...

Just Truckin' Around - Alex McAtamney

11 May 2017

Living the dream in the small hamlet of Sutton near Middlemarch is local lad Alex McAtamney. Sutton is located about 60 kms from Mosgiel up SH 87 towards Central Otago, and aside f...

Good on ya mate - Murray ‘Mo’ Peake

01 May 2017

It’s all about sharing the passion and enthusiasm for the industry

Women in Transport: On the up and up

12 April 2017

Known as Sammie to her friends and workmates, this young lady has a bright future in the industry

Top Truck April - Switch it up

02 June 2017

Chris Mack, owner of Mack Transport Ltd in Okaiawa, South Taranaki, has built an impressive transport operation since purchasing the business from his father, Peter, in 2004. Fo...