Ranui's Guardians

15 August 2017

Standing in a rest area in Gordonton on the outskirts of Hamilton on a cold winter’s night, we suddenly see two spots of light in the distance that grow into a dazzling array of colour and gleaming reflections.

International Truck Stop - Sho...

30 July 2017

The Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham may not be the biggest event in the European trucking calendar, but there were still plenty of debutantes at ‘Brum’, including DAF’s latest XF and CF models.

Tribute - Jimmy Swain the gentle giant

30 July 2017

John James Swain, also known as Jim or Jimmy, was a man who was known for his loyalty, generosity and a great work ethic.

The first Mercedes-Benz Actros...

27 July 2017

“It’s still a bloody good truck,” says Chris Carr of Carr & Haslam Transport referring to his Mercedes-Benz Actros, the first Actros to be purchased in New Zealand in 1997.

Why one is better than two – a...

07 July 2017

It is very rare for a fleet to consist of single-purpose assets. Transport operators typically require a lot more flexibility in their fleets to fully address their customers’ needs.

Good On Ya Mate - Peter Henry ...

06 July 2017

Long service is one thing, but six decades-plus says much about work relationships.

Canter slides into contention

05 July 2017

Canter reduces the stress for those doing the towing as well as those being towed GHL Recovery & Salvage undertakes 1200 towing jobs a month for the Automobile Association. It...

Fuso - The Expo

05 July 2017

Under the control of a new distributor, Fuso New Zealand Ltd had a significant display of trucks in the main pavilion. Fuso’s Canter Hybrid is now New Zealand’s top selling hyb...

Worthy of your trust - Fuso

29 June 2017

You could say ‘stick around long enough and you’ll become part of the furniture’, but the margins in trucking mean that’s never going to happen. Whether it be man or machine, you e...

UD - Brisbane Truck Show

28 June 2017

We must start with UD because it was their year with the launch of the new Quon. Mark Strambi, acting senior vice president for UD in Australasia, had the robes pulled off the Aust...