Main Test June 2017 - Service ...

30 May 2017

Multipurpose trucks are common amongst rural carriers who regularly swap between flat deck, tipper and livestock work, but few would dare to use a bonneted 8-wheeler for fear of losing capacity…

Main Test May 2017 - The ultim...

29 May 2017

To a North Islander visiting the South Island, the number of dropside tippers on SH 1 is striking; equally striking is the number of Freightliner Argosys used by those operating the rigs.

Main Test April 2017: King of the road

19 May 2017

It’s a rare day on the road in New Zealand when you don’t see a Regal Haulage truck. Based in Tamahere, on Hamilton’s southern outskirts, the company operates more than 100 trucks carrying bulk products nationwide.

Main Test Jan/Feb 2017: Mixing it up

22 May 2017

The Freightliner Columbia concrete spec truck has a solid family history behind it – but how does it handle the load at Allied Concrete?

Second Test, November 2016 - Q...

13 June 2017

UD Trucks’ Quon CW model fills a gap that, according to Davinder Singh, nothing else quite matches.

Main Test September 2016 - Top Gun

19 September 2016

When it comes to high horsepower trucks, Volvo currently rules the road. We find out why

Main Test June 2016 - Hard lessons

02 June 2017

Isuzu had problems with its last heavy-duty Giga models; but they stood by the trucks and supported their customers. A single model doesn’t define a brand, and it seems their cust...

Main Test March 2016 - Interna...

15 June 2016

It takes confidence for a truck manufacturer to put the first of a new model into logging in the central North Island.

Main Test - May 2016 - Aurora A-Stralis

06 June 2017

New Zealand Trucking headed to the bottom of the country where the Aurora Australis is sometimes seen, and Hobbs & Banks Iveco Stralis is occasionally visible too.

Main Test Hill April 2016 - Hi...

08 May 2017

Sollys Freight (1978) Ltd, known as Sollys Contractors, has built its transport business on the back of Japanese trucks since purchasing its first Isuzu in the 1970s. The compa...