Hino drive day 2017

26 November 2017

If the weather was a prophecy then things are looking great for Hino’s new wide cab 500 series.

Hino puts safety first with ne...

05 October 2017

Hino NZ are putting safety first with their new Wide Cab 500 Series, which will be the first medium truck in New Zealand to offer Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) as a standard feature.

New Zealand’s Toughest Hino ha...

13 September 2017

A three-month search to find New Zealand’s Toughest Hino has found its champion – Ross MacMillan’s Palmerston North-based 2007 700 series 10x4.

Hino - Brisbane Truck Show

28 June 2017

Remember how a Toyota Corolla used to be a shopping cart and now it’s a proper car? Well, the new Hino 500 series wide-cab is certainly no longer a smallish truck.

Do you have Hino’s toughest truck?

01 June 2017

Hino is looking for New Zealand’s Toughest Hino and they’re offering an amazing prize for the one they judge to be the toughest.

Hino NZ standardises reversing...

01 June 2017

In a move to encourage new safety standards, Hino NZ has established reversing cameras as standard in their lighter duty 300 Series trucks. These cameras are ADR-compliant, wate...

Hino Truck of the month

19 May 2017

Cambridge Septic Tank Services have a big job to do, and they need the right tools to do it.

Our History - Hino

01 January 2016

In 1918 Hino Motors Ltd, Japan, introduced their first truck to the world. Almost 100 years later the same delivery of quality trucks that are durable, and reliable continues world...

Our Company - Hino

01 January 2016

We know trucking inside out. Since 1964 Hino has been committed to New Zealand road transport and ancillary operators. We pride ourselves on supplying you with trucks that are reli...

RIGS OF 2006 - August Hino 700 – WW18

30 June 2016

When Williams & Wilshier purchased its very first Hino 700 to go on the road hauling logs, it was somewhat of an experiment.