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Ace Heavy Haulage

Bigger outfits on our roads need larger recovery trucks and we look at two big movers that have just gone to work with ACE Heavy Haulage.

Unmistakably Mack
This 8x4 Trident can haul 35 tonne each way in Canterbury and it's all legal

Southland Shines
Ken Ball reports on an impressive turnout at the annual Invercargill truck show

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Unmistakebly MACK

Photography by David Walker & Oliver Li
The introduction of HPMV and 50MAX regulations has greatly increased productivity in the New Zealand transport industry but also means buyers have higher performance and durability expectations. A truck that micht have worked happly for many yeares at 40 to 44 tonnes may not be successful with gross weights in the 50 to 60 tonne range.

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Electronic logbooks

Electronic logbooks
Electronic logbooks (ELBs) have been talked about for some years now, usually with a mixture of trepidation and fear entering the duscussion. They're now a reality with four electronic logbooks approved for use and more believed to be on the way.

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